UX Design Frameworks

User experience is the interaction between the user and a product, it focuses on the experience from the user’s first contact with the product to the last one.

The UX designer or UX Design department always makes sure that the team ends up with an effective product, if it’s not the case the product will go through one or multiple steps over and over until getting satisfying results which are the end user satisfaction.

So, what do UX designers do ? and how do they think ?

UX designers ideate, conduct user research, design, validate and test with users… They are the voice of the user. And because solving problems is a team sport, designers are always in collaboration with all the members of his team.

Discussing or challenging ideas with people who have different skills and background while enriching everyone’s knowledge is more efficient than getting trapped in bias circles or making assumptions based on personal experiences.

  • In order to solve a problem or create a new product from scratch, UX Designers should :
    • Acknowledge/understand what is the problem/idea and not only consider what the business owners think it’s right
    • Learn more about users, their current state and mindset
    • Discuss the problem/idea with the team members who can bring expertise to the table
    • Specify the user’s needs
    • Prototype and design
    • Evaluate solutions against the user’s needs
    • Stay open to constant feedback and revisions through collaborations and test phases


  • Some questions that the designer may have in mind after being introduced to a new project are :
    • Who are the users ?
    • What is the purpose of the product ?
    • Who are the clients ?
    • Why are they willing to create this product ?
    • How can this product be a life changer for the users ?
    • Are there similar products on the market ? …

The difference here between the UX Designer and the Business Owner in this phase is that the BO aims to create a successful product and achieve high financial scores  while the Designer thinks of how it is possible to help the BO achieve their goals by gaining the satisfaction of users and create the best user experience possible for the personas that suits this specific product.



Once the phase one questions are answered , the UX designer will switch the game to these type of questions :

  • Where to start ?
  • What does the user need ?
  • What can be a game changer for the user ?
  • What can solve this problem ?
  • What feature(s) should we create ?
  • What UX Design framework should be used in this project ? …

In this phase the UX Designer along with their team should decide what framework will work the best for the project.

The 5 UX Design framework :

1 – Lean UX :

Lean UX focuses on decreasing wasted time and resources during the creation of a product in a short amount of time, by experimenting with the product before the development phase.

It drives to harmonize all the team members in a transparent cross-functional collaboration that brings non-designers in the design process.

The key steps of the Lean UX framework are :

  • Think
  • Make
  • Check

2- The 5 elements :

It is called the 5 elements because it relies on five dependent layers, each level builds on the level before it, and it starts with an abstract level towards concrete one.

The key steps of the Lean UX framework are :

  • Strategy
  • Scope
  • Structure
  • Skeleton
  • Surface

3- User centered design process :

User centered design process is an iterative process and each phase of it focuses on users and their needs.

  • Understand how the user experiences the product or similar products.
  • Specify the user’s needs.
  • Design solutions to those user problems.
  • Evaluate the solutions you designed against the user’s needs

4- Design thinking process :

Design thinking process adopts the problem solving mindset, while collaboratively with the team members to ideate, brainstorm and test endless ideas and solutions.

5- Double Diamond :

Double Diamond represents a process of discovering and defining an issue more widely and deeply and then taking action. It is based on two main phases: research and design. And each phase has two steps.

There is no rule on what UX Design framework should be used, it depends on the project and it difficulties. For beginners Design thinking process is the most recommended, it contains all the steps needed to understand how the UX Design work and helps to build a problem solving mindset.

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